Bringing your app or game to market

In the world of mobile apps and gaming, the possibilities are infinite and your creativity is the only limit. Development and programming costs will add up quickly without precise and patient planning. If you have an idea that you would like to bring to market, we’ll map out a course of action, develop and program your mobile app and get it placed in the App Stores for iOS and Android, as well as any smaller, niche marketplaces as needed, including but not limited to Windows and Amazon.

We’ll provide feedback on your idea, and insights to ensure an approach with the highest possible chance of success. Our development and programming experience and understanding of the time and effort required to launch a quality mobile app allow for cost savings and an approach that can make all the difference for any small business with a limited budget.

We love mobile gaming. We love transforming game concepts into reality. Whether your game idea is in it’s early or late stages, we love guiding our clients towards the highly anticipated moment of launching a game in the marketplace. When you decide you’re ready to take the leap into mobile gaming, we’ll provide the realistic and organized support and development required to help achieve your mobile gaming goals. When taking the leap into developing a mobile app or game, understanding the multiple development and programming factors can help you recognize what is important to focus on. While it is important to enlist the services of a company with development and programming ability, it is equally important to have marketing and monetization ability. One of our core competencies as a mobile app & gaming development firm is our experience in both the development and programming side and the marketing and monetization side. This unique talent will make the difference when your project is completed and generating users and revenue.

Before making your final decision, please consider these points. In most cases, this process takes significant time and effort that you must be prepared to endure. If you are prepared, our team will develop your concept into a plan that is ready to be programmed and launched. In the case your app is 100% prepared for programming, then much of the time required to develop an idea or concept can be avoided, and you can launch sooner. Regardless of your situation, we’ll guide you to launch and help you understand the complexities of this business.


Making the difference

Choosing the company you will entrust with your idea, especially in the mobile app and gaming space, is difficult. Between the many different types of companies around the globe, there are drastic differences in price and company culture and approach to these projects. One of the greatest challenges when scouting companies is finding one that provides straight forward information about what it’s like working with them. Here’s what we believe to be the best reasons to select Green Rise Hub for your project:

Start-Up Mentality: We share the experience of starting a business out of a garage, basement or home office and apply this mentality to our work to ensure efficiency and cost effectiveness through technological sophistication.

Bootstrap Culture: Our ability to complete complex and difficult projects with external support allows us to develop, program and launch a top quality mobile app or game at a fraction of costs you may encounter elsewhere.

Small Team: As a start-up, the ability to complete complex and difficult projects through hard work is engrained in our culture, for your benefit.

Large Focus: Our combination of start-up mentality, bootstrap culture and a small team provides a level of insight that ensures the best possible chance of success for your app or game.

Start Up Mentality
Bootstrap Culture
Small Team
Large Focus

Starting the discussion

When you're ready to explore the possibilities of bringing your app or game to market, start the conversation by emailing us at info@greenrisehub.com.