Email Marketing 200,000 List Size with Unlimited Sending 6 Month Package

$1,489.02 every 6 months

Save 17% compared to paying monthly

We will set you up with a complete, professional and effective email marketing strategy to grow your business.

Simple Process, Immediate Results
You will be ready to start sending in 5 business days after you provide the information we request following your order.

Complete Support All Included
Unlimited sending for lists under 200,000 email addresses, template creation, list cleaning and complete email marketing support is all included in the 6 month fee.

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We will set you up with a complete, professional and effective email marketing strategy to grow your business.

Included in the 6 month fee:

Email List Size: Accommodates list sizes under 200,000 email addresses.

Simple Process: Simply place your order and we will begin constant communication to learn about your business and goals to set up your email marketing plan. After that, we will send on your behalf and are available 24/7 to make changes and answer questions.

Constant Communication: We will keep you updated constantly, communicating every aspect of your email marketing strategy. And we are available anytime you have a question, thought or any other feedback.

Send Volume: Unlimited sending each month.

Templates: We will create a custom email newsletter template that is consistent with your branding and has a clear message and call to action. Content, features and layout is updated with each new email sent.

List Preparation: We will do the difficult work required to get your email list organized, no matter how many files and what file formats you have. Our list preparation system will remove problem, invalid and duplicate emails and prepare you for sending.

List Cleaning: Our list cleaning technology will ensure you are only sending to valid and legitimate emails. Combined with our preparation and sending processes, our system will remove bounces, unknown users, spam complaints and all email addresses you should not be sending to.

Sending: We will send your emails on your behalf and on a consistent schedule to support your business.

Reporting: We will organize total emails sent, list size, open and click rates, bounces, list cleaning, spam complaints and ongoing work.

Analysis: We will analyze your reporting regularly to stay on top of every aspect of your email marketing strategy and adjust as needed.

Complaints: Spam complaint monitoring and resolution is a top priority to ensure long term success. We will constantly monitor and resolve all spam complaints as soon as they are received.

Compliance: We are constantly innovating our sending technology, updating and ensuring the highest possible standard of industry best practices in all email marketing campaigns.

Deliverability: You will enjoy world class delivery.

Campaign Plan: We will identify your specific goals and apply them to your custom email marketing strategy.

Full Setup: We will keep your email marketing operation running as efficiently as possible by handling setup and management.


Support is available 24/7 by email, phone and text message as a part of the 6 month fee.